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Time Tracking

Employee time tracking software your team will actually use

No more chasing down timesheets. 10,000ft's simple software makes time tracking painless, so your team members can focus on work priorities. Outcome-focused time tracking options will keep your team happy and projects moving forward.

time tracking software

Predictive Timesheets

Pre-filled timesheets make it easy for team members to track time with one-click time entry, track vacation and sick time, and adjust hours as needed. Customize your time tracking settings to be more high-level or granular, depending on your needs.

project status tracking

Real-Time Updates

Timesheet data is reflected on the project dashboard in real-time, ensuring your team knows exactly how much time is allocated for each assignment, and how their time and expenses impact the overall budget.

project expense tracking software

Budget and Expense Tracking

With 10,000ft, you are in control of your project budget. You can easily set up a fee, time, or expense tracking budget, create budgeting categories, and track costs towards those categories. Fix potential issues early on, before budgets go off the rails.

10,000ft mobile time tracking

Track Time on the Go

Team members can track and confirm time and change status from their desktop or mobile device. Simply use a mobile device to login to 10,000ft, and quickly confirm or modify time entries to track time on the go.

Time Tracking in 10,000ft

Pre-Populated Timesheets

Project Expense Tracking

Mobile Time Tracking

Time + Expense Approvals

Track Unplanned Project Work

Planned vs. Actual Time Report

Start + Stop Timer

Option for One-Click Timesheets

Option for Notes on Timesheets

Plan Your Next Project in 10,000ft

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10,000ft is a tool everyone is happy to use both for inputting their own time, and for understanding the project status in order to make informed decisions quickly.

Resource Planning

Simple and powerful resource management software

  • Interactive team scheduling
  • Dynamic resource planning
  • Forecast staffing needs

Project Planning

Flexible project planning tools to keep your team aligned

  • Confident project scheduling
  • Accurate project forecasting
  • Everyone on the same page


Robust reporting tools provide data you can trust

  • Utilization reporting
  • Visual project dashboards
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