Easy Timesheet Software for Accurate, Timely Data

10,000ft's simple software makes timesheets painless so your
team members can focus on doing the work they love.

Simple, predictive timesheets that your team won't hate

Maria worked all last night to finish up a project. The last thing she wants to do is her timesheet. But you need to know she spent those 10 extra hours to account for them in the project budget.

10,000ft's pre-filled timesheets make it easy for Maria to quickly add extra hours, without the hassle. Her hours get reflected on the project dashboard, so you can track the overall budget in real time and make necessary adjustments.
Personal Timesheet Dashboard

On-demand timesheet data for happier Project Managers

It's a hectic Friday afternoon, and your PM is trying to get a handle on all the moving parts of a complex project. What’s the budget burn? Why are we behind schedule? Will we run over?

Integrated timesheets in 10,000ft keep all your project dashboards fresh with the most up-to-date data across the company, so PMs can spend less time chasing down information and more time keeping projects running smoothly.
Real-Time Project Status Tracking

Easily see planned vs. actual hours spent

You spent a full week last quarter meticulously scheduling team members to hit project budgets. It's only one month into the quarter and everyone is running over their allotted time.

In 10,000ft, each team member's personal dashboard shows how much time is allocated for each project, so they have the right context and more accountability. Run recurring reports to spot and course correct issues early on, before budgets go off the rails.
Project Timesheet Reporting
Increase profitability by analyzing a variety of pre-built and custom reports for your teams and projects.
Time Tracking in 10,000ft

Pre-Populated Timesheets

Project Expense Tracking

Mobile Time Tracking

Time + Expense Approvals

Track Unplanned Project Work

Planned vs. Actual Time Report

Option for One-Click Timesheets

Option for Notes on Timesheets

Simple, pre-populated timesheets for better data from your team.
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