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Tracking Software

Track time and expenses easier with software your team will love.
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Painless Time Tracking

Pre-populated timesheets enable one-click time entry and provides an incentive to work according to the plan. The clean design and layout of day-to-day billable hours allows for accurate payroll reporting.

Time & Expense Approvals

Approve time & expenses before they hit your budget. You can set up a simple approvals workflow right in 10,000ft Plans to review and approve all time and expenses for your team. Create filters to show just the people, clients, or projects you are responsible for.
Approve time and expenses
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Custom Time Entry Settings

In 10,000ft Plans, you can customize your time tracking settings to best fit your business. You can actively track ½ days or hours and minutes. Use Itemized Time Tracking if you want to track time down specific tasks (e.g. meetings, travel, etc).
Give your team the information they need to make autonomous decisions that keep the project moving forward.

All-In-One Time And Expense Tracking

With 10,000ft Plans you are in control of your project budget. You can easily set up a fee, time or expense tracking budget, create budgeting categories and track costs towards those categories.
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Time Tracking

10,000ft Plans gives you the tools to help you keep track of a project's timeline and meet your deadlines. Set up a budget based on time to represent the allocated labor for the project, expressed in work days. The hours worked by team members weigh against this budget. Learn More.
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Fee Tracking

10,000ft Plans tracks the fees associated with your team member's time to help you better budget and track your projects. Set up a project budget based on estimated project fees, and track the hours worked by team members, taking their bill rates into account. Learn More.
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Expense Tracking

Expenses are non-labor related project costs. Our expense tracking tool allows you to create a budget based on project expenses like vendors, prototypes, or travel. Use Expense Categories to estimate these costs and track them according to each category. Learn More.
Mobile time tracking

Mobile Time Tracking

The 10,000ft Plans mobile time tracker lets you and your team view and track time on the go. If you worked according to the plan, simply confirm the day and the time, and you are done.

If you have worked on a different project, or need to modify your suggested hours, you can quickly edit that information with one-tap time entry for each 15 minutes worked. With on-the-go mobile time tracking, logging your hours becomes a seamless part of your workflow. Learn More.
Increase profitability by analyzing a variety of pre-built and custom reports for your teams and projects. Keep reading for more info.
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