Simple, collaborative software designed and built for the modern workforce.

We believe in the rise of the “creative thinker.” The modern problem solver who is motivated by getting things done, masterfully. Someone who collaborates with others on a shared goal, but with no clear path to get there. That's where the creativity comes in. These are not task-takers. Workers of today need the information to make autonomous decisions that keep things going. Increasingly, these workers are changing the business environment. They are demanding flatter organizations and more agile processes. But transforming our work environment is a journey that not only requires the right people and the right vision. You need the right tools.

We brought our first product, 10,000ft Plans, to market in 2012. Since then, we have customers in over 100 countries tracking over 200,000 projects and seven million hours in the system. 10,000ft Plans has also been recognized for its design with an Interaction Design Award, SXSW finalist award and an Industrial Design Association Award.

In Summer 2015, we launched 10,000ft Insights—a second tool that addresses a brand new challenge faced by companies that make it their business to solve problems. We are in constant pursuit to refine our products (and add additional ones) to meet the needs of an ever-evolving workforce.

We are based in Seattle in the USA.
The team behind 10,000ft
Martijn van Tilburg
CEO, Founder
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Shyam Habarakada
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Anne Prins
Business Development
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Dan Allison
Software Development
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Aaron Trostle
Software Development
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Natalie Rohde
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Ryan Adams
Customer Success
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Arathi Ramani
Software Development
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Olen Ronning
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Christopher Le
Project Management
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Skylar Graika
Software Development
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Nick Cox
Software Development
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Ange Rios
Business Development
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Chris Russell
Business Development
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Kristen Webster
Software Development
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Seth Elliott
Business Development
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Anton Rius
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Jackie Calapristi
Software Development
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Bao Nguyen
Software Development
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Angela Rootshtain
Account Management
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Jonathon McTaggart
Information Technology
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Stephen Sinco
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Hannah Chute
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Hyun Bass
Quality Assurance
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Emily Tomkinson
Account Management
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Kayla Davis
Software Development
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David Pynchon
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