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Resource Planning

Simple and powerful resource planning software

Intuitive software that's powerful enough to solve the most difficult resource management challenges. Our resource planning gives you visibility to schedule and manage your team effectively, make changes on the fly, and immediately see the impact on the project budget.

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Dynamic Resource Planning

Plan ahead and spot potential issues before they become a problem. And when things change, make confident staffing decisions based on custom criteria that matters most, like skill set, office location, bill rate, or availability.

resource scheduling software tool

Interactive Resource Scheduling

Get a complete picture of all the moving parts with flexible team scheduling tools. Use availability sorting and custom filters to quickly see who’s available and who’s overbooked, and make quick adjustments to balance the workload.

team member dashboard Nivi Oliver

Keep Your Team on Track

Team member dashboards keep your team informed, engaged, and focused on the work at hand. Your team can sync assignments to their calendar, and email notifications keep everyone in the loop as staffing plans change.

utilization heatmap tool

Forecast Utilization and Staffing Needs

Create placeholders based on role or discipline to pencil in project assignments and make accurate budget estimates. Forecast upcoming hiring needs with a utilization heat map across people and teams.

Resource Management in 10,000ft

Project Staffing

Resource Forecasting

Availability Heat Map

Utilization Reporting

Team In + Out Board

Robust People Filter Menus

Placeholder Resources

Team Member Directory

Bill Rate Card Management

Integrated Timesheets

Email Notifications

Custom Profile Fields

Plan Your Next Project in 10,000ft

Today's most innovative companies use 10,000ft to make faster, better decisions. Try it for yourself with a free trial - no credit card required.

RED Interactive

10,000ft makes project data visible and actionable in a way that few other tools do. We now have a much deeper understanding of where our effort is going.

Project Planning

Flexible project planning tools to keep your team aligned

  • Confident project scheduling
  • Accurate project forecasting
  • Everyone on the same page

Time Tracking

Effortless time and expense tracking your team will actually use

  • Predictive timesheets
  • Budget and expense tracking
  • Track time on the go


Robust reporting tools provide data you can trust

  • Utilization reporting
  • Visual project dashboards
  • Build and share custom reports