Visual Resource Planning Software

See who works on what, spot blocks of availability, and adjust assignments on the fly.
Personal project manager and planner software

An Interactive Resource Management Plan

A major challenge for teams is figuring out how to access and visualize the strategic plan in one place. We made resource management easy by creating an interactive schedule with a dynamic timeline that visualizes the work plan for your entire organization. The Schedule often replaces a static resource management spreadsheet for your team. Learn More.
Make more consistent and effective resource allocation, minimizing the peaks and dips in your team's utilization.

Visual Resource Scheduling

Make resource management decisions on the fly. You can quickly view your team's availability by collapsing the Schedule view to who has availability and who is overbooked.
Resource Management Systems
Easy resource planning software

Flexible Planning Interface

Change is inevitable, and that is especially true in the world of project planning. 10,000ft Plans' resource management tool features drag and drop simplicity to help you manage budgets and deadlines with ease. Use resource planning templates to quickly recreate and adjust new plans. Learn More.
Resource project skill pairing tool

Project & Resource Matching

Your project resourcing team is constantly balancing skills and availability. Our resource planning and management solution helps match individual resources to the project's requirements by finding team members according to their skills and availability.
Resource management team status

In & Out Management Board

Check 'the board' to see a visual status of the entire company. 10,000ft Plans' resource management system pre-populates the status bar with the projects you are on, letting your team know what you are working on, if you are on the road, or out sick.
Create better project plans with an interactive roadmap of your current and future work. Keep reading for more info.
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