High-Level Resource Management Software

Get a real-time view of your projects, make changes on the fly, and keep your
team's workload in balance with 10,000ft's resource planning software.

See what everyone is working on across projects and teams

It's slammed in the office when a high priority project comes in last minute. You need to quickly find a team to take on the work. Who's available? Who's overloaded? Who's out on vacation?

Stay up-to-date on all the moving parts with 10,000ft's real-time schedule. Confidently balance your team's workload and spot potential issues ahead of time.
Resource Management Schedule

Find the right person for the job when plans inevitably change

It’s the last stage of an important project and one of your key team members is out sick. And her backup is on vacation.

10,000ft helps you quickly figure out the next most qualified person based on criteria that matters most, like skillset, office location, or availability. Email notifications keep everyone in the loop as staffing plans change.
Predictive Reassign Menu

Confidently forecast needs with a clear view of the upcoming workload

It's the early planning stage of a project that starts next quarter. You need to map out assignment plans, but you don't know who will be available in the future.

Create placeholder assignments in 10,000ft to pencil in project staffing requirements. Forecast upcoming hiring needs with a utilization heat map across people and teams.
Availability Heat Map
Keep your team happy with an interactive schedule that helps you make changes in real time when your people are over or underbooked.
Resource Management in 10,000ft

Project Staffing

Resource Forecasting

Availability Heat Map

Utilization Reporting

Team In + Out Board

Robust People Filter Menus

Placeholder Resources

Team Member Directory

Manage Bill Rate Cards

Integrated Timesheets

Email Notifications

Custom Profile Fields

Easy project staffing and resource management so you always know what’s going on.
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