Track part time off or leave

Organizations typically have an approval process to check the leave balance before being placed on the schedule.

While there isn’t a way of tracking leave allowances within the tool, you can set up an internal project to see your team’s vacation time taken versus time allowed.

Here’s how to set up an internal project for leave planning:

  1. Create an internal project called “Vacation 2018”
  2. Set the start and end dates of the project to run the duration of the year (January 1st, 2018 to December 31st, 2018)
  3. Create a phase for each person that runs the duration of the year
  4. In Project Settings, set a time budget (in hours or days) per phase to represent each person’s allowed vacation time in 2018
  5. When a person takes vacation, assign them to the appropriate leave type on the Schedule and assign them to the phase that corresponds with their name on this project

The Budget Report for the Vacation 2018 project, grouped by Phase Name and then by Team Member, will give you the remaining vacation time for each person.