Manage My Subscription

Who counts toward my subscription?

There are two levels of people from your team in 10,000ft. Active People are people who have a login and need to plan, track or view activities. Schedule-Only People are people who cannot log into the app but are staffed on projects so that their capacity can be understood and managed by others on the team.

Our intent with 10,000ft is that the value really comes from having visibility of the plan. We don’t differentiate pricing between levels of Active People. Anyone who can login is priced the same, so you can choose what level of access is needed without worrying about cost. The Schedule-Only People have a lower cost as they are just used for staffing.

What is the difference between Active People and Schedule-Only People?

When you add a new person to 10,000ft, you can choose whether or not this person becomes active. An Active Person is someone who has been sent an invitation to join your account.

An Active Person can log in to 10,000ft, see information, contribute to projects, and track time. A Schedule-Only Person can only be scheduled on projects. You cannot track time or set status for Schedule-Only people.

How do I upgrade or downgrade my account?

To update your subscription:

  1. Go to Settings > Billing
  2. Click the Update Plan button
  3. Select the plan that best suits your needs
  4. Click the Submit button

Email Preferences

You can expect to receive two kinds of communication from 10,000ft: Essential Communication and Non-Essential Communication.

Non-Essential Communication includes information about your trial, like how to set up your account, and notifications about when it will expire. This communication is limited to account owners only. After the trial period, all active people will receive periodic product updates and news about 10,000ft, unless changed in email preferences.

We do not send emails to people in your account who are Schedule-Only People.

Manage your preferences for Non-Essential Communication on the My Preferences page of your Account Settings.

Essential Communication is information regarding your account, and includes:

  • Password resets
  • New people invitations
  • Payment receipts (Account Owner only)
  • Failed payment notifications (Account Owner only)
  • Account closure confirmation (Account Owner only)

This information is necessary for managing your 10,000ft account, so you cannot unsubscribe from Essential Communication emails. You can request to add additional email addresses to ‘Account Owner only’ emails by emailing