What is 10,000ft?

Why we built 10,000ft

In 2012, 10,000ft spun out of a Seattle-based design consultancy Artefact. Artefact found that their creative teams need autonomy to produce high-quality work, but need to work within a set of clearly-defined rules or constraints. 10,000ft is intended to fit this need – freedom and flexibility within constraints. We built 10,000ft to allow managers to spend more time doing work and less time managing the work. High-level planning takes the burden off of you to plan every hour of each day and focus more on the big picture.

How it works

10,000ft is about strategic project planning and tracking. It allows you to staff a team with projects based on the hours and deliverables needed to complete the job and track how the project is doing in real time. You can see these assigned hours per day, week or month on the Schedule [link] where you can easily determine if people are staffed up to 100% of their capacity. When you staff someone, they can see these assignments on their Personal Page [link] so they understand what projects they should be working on, how much time they should spend and their responsibilities within the project.

10,000ft is not a replacement for personal calendars or day-to-day planning. We believe that it is better to give your team a clear picture of your expectations for a project, but allow them to plan the hours of their day. People will still schedule personal meetings, appointments and other engagements using their calendars so they know when things are due, but budget their time using 10,000ft. This method puts the responsibility on the person and keeps them accountable in 10,000ft.

To read more about the philosophy behind 10,000ft, check out our blog.