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Everything you need to plan your projects, front and center.
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Big Picture Project Planning Tools

10,000ft Plans pulls all the information for each project together into a simple, user-friendly interface. It aligns project planning and project management by syncing all details into easy to navigate project pages. You can see the project status in real-time and if a project is on track in regards to budget, incurred expenses, or future scheduled time.
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Project Planning Tools

Interactive Planning Software

The Project Planning page serves as an interactive dashboard for creating project estimates and keeping track of the status. Set your project budget in time, fee, or non-labor costs, and build a work plan that fits by adding team members to the project.

Project Tasks & Notes

Our project planning and management software allows you to use Tasks and Notes to track project progress, assign responsibilities to your team, and record milestones. Make project management easier with more detailed communication about the plan. Learn More.
Software Project Planning
Create dynamic project plans that are flexible and move as fast as your business does.

Project Planning Roadmap

Project planning is easy when you can see all your projects in relationship to each other across the timeline. Select the project view on the Schedule and interactively adjust your plan as the project progresses.
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Real-Time Project Status Tools

Planning software that tracks three types of budgets: Time (hours or days); Fees (billable work); and Expenses (non-labor costs). Easily track incurred and future scheduled costs to see how they align with your budget. Learn More.
Use simple time and expense tracking to populate your account with real-time data. Keep reading for more info.
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