Pricing plans for teams in all industries and of all sizes — whether you have 10, 100, or 1,000 people.

10,000ft Capabilities

Resource Planning

Project Staffing + Capacity Forecasting

Team Member Assignment Dashboard

Utilization Reporting Across People + Teams

Customizable People Properties*

Project Planning + Tracking

Project Portfolio View

Project Schedule, Brief + Work Plan

Project Budget Tracking (hours, fees, expenses)

Time + Status Tracking

Customizable Project Properties*


In-App Configurable Reports

API Access for Integrations*


14-Day Free Trial

Unlimited Email Support

Custom Contract*

Dedicated Account Manager*

*Only available with some plans

Bottle Rocket

After just six weeks of utilizing 10,000ft, we've noticed greater efficiencies and reduced need for in-person meetings. The tool is basically paying for itself.

Volum8 Creative

10,000ft plays a major role in our strategy and decision-making process. The most valuable thing it's done is help us see when we need to bring on new people. It’s like having a growth consultant on staff.


How much time is 10,000ft saving us? It’s so much more than saving time. It’s certainty.

The Techno Creatives

10,000ft has allowed us to put the right information in the hands of the people who need it. It gives each person more responsibility to understand how everything they do impacts the budget.

RED Interactive

10,000ft makes project data visible and actionable in a way that few other tools do. We now have a much deeper understanding of where our effort is going.

Pricing FAQs

When you sign up for a trial, you automatically have access to most features. Some upgraded functionality is also available to test during your trial upon request - contact us for more details. At any point during your trial, you can activate your account by contacting our team to subscribe to one of our plans. All the data from your trial account will transfer to your paid account so you can seamlessly continue using the software.

There isn't a difference in pricing for those with administrative-level privileges compared to those with read-only or time tracking privileges.

The greatest value of 10,000ft isn't in administrative actions - it's in the data (and quality of data) collected in our software. This data can come from all people who have access to your account or are staffed in your account.

Depending on your plan, you can purchase via a credit card charge or invoiced payment.

Talk with our team to upgrade or downgrade your plan anytime. If you upgrade part way through an annual term, we pro-rate the additional charge for the remainder of the year. If you need to downgrade your annual plan, the change will go into effect when your account renews for the following year.

If you choose not to subscribe after the trial expires, your account will be automatically deactivated. We keep your information for 90 days, so if you decide to subscribe later on, we'll have your data ready to go.

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