Implement + Onboard

By now you can answer the question “What does 10,000ft do?” and you've decided to move forward with your evaluation. Whether you're doing our formal Pilot Program or not, many teams structure the first 3-6 months as a continued evaluation and implementation period.

We know that despite your best intentions, implementing new business tools can be difficult. On the spectrum of rolling out software, 10,000ft is typically easier to implement than most tools. That said, it will go more smoothly if you start with a solid plan.


  1. Determine what success looks like 3-6 months from now. Write it down. If you want to share it with us, we can remind you of where you started in the future.
  2. Review our free Implementation Program called Flight Plan. It will guide you through the process and outline a general timeline, which you can customize for your team.
  3. Finalize any set up in your account. If you’d like to have an Account Review with someone from our team to make sure you aren’t missing anything, just ask.
  4. Choose a launch date and invite your team.
  5. Use our free training tools, attend a webinar, or request training help from our team.
  6. Continue to review those goals from early on to measure your success.

Curated List of Resources

Below, we've collected some resources that might be helpful at this stage of your implementation.

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