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Integrations Overview & API Docs

Integration with 10,000ft Plans is possible through our public API. API stands for Application Programming Interface, and specifies how software components should interact with each other. With the 10,000ft Plans API, you are able to retrieve and add data to the database. This is all done behind the scenes so no manual work is needed.

Using our API requires someone on your team to have the skills to write the code to make the integration, or you can hire someone to do the integration for you.

Review our API documentation here for more information.


You can also integrate 10,000ft Plans with other applications you use through a service called Zapier. Zapier helps you connect web apps together without having to implement custom software code. You can set a Trigger in one app that will automatically preform an Action in another app. You will need your API key to connect 10,000ft Plans to Zapier. You can find this in Account Settings > Developer API.

Accept the invitation to connect 10,000ft Plans with Zapier here.

If you have questions about integrations, please email

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