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All pricing levels have unlimited projects and come with a 30 day free trial.
per user per month
billed annually
5 user minimum
per user per month
billed annually
10 user minimum
per user per month
billed annually
50 user minimum
Get full visibility into your project portfolio today. See how 10,000ft Plans can take your organization to the next level.


Per User Annual Price

$9 / user / mo
$20 / user / mo
$45 / user / mo

Per User Monthly Price

$10 / user / mo
$25 / user / mo

Minimum Users


Project Planning

Gantt-Style Portfolio Overview

Project and Phase Planning


Project Budgets (hours, fees and expenses)

Project Status Tracking

High Level Tasks & Notes

Custom Project Fields

Coming Soon
Coming Soon

Resource Planning

Project Staffing & Resource Forecasting

Team Availability

Team In & Out Board

Custom Profile Fields

Coming Soon
Coming Soon

Time Tracking

Time & Expense Tracking

Mobile Web App for Time Tracking

Time & Expense Approvals


Planned vs. Actuals Reports

Budget Status Reports

Utilization Reports

Expense Reports

Report Exporting (.CSV)

Additional Features

API Access


Email Support

Implementation Support

Credit Card Payment

Invoiced Payment

Single Sign On

Service Level Agreement & Priority Support

Custom Branding

Dedicated Account Manager

Private Cloud or Internal Hosting (additional fee)

Get full visibility into your project portfolio today. See how 10,000ft Plans can take your organization to the next level.

How does the trial work?

When you sign up for a trial you have access to all features for 30 days. Anytime during this period, you can upgrade your account by subscribing to one of our plans. All the data from your trial account will go into your active account so you can continue to use 10,000ft Plans.

What size plan do I need?

10,000ft Plans subscriptions are sold in groups of Active Users. This means that you need to pick a plan that has enough seats available for anyone who needs to login to your team’s account. Depending on the size of your plan, the grouping tiers increase by 10 or 20 users. You can review these groups in the Billing Section of your account.

What is an “Active User”?

An active user is a team member who can login to 10,000ft Plans, view information, contribute to the projects, and track time. When you add a new team member, you can choose to invite this person as an active user. Only active users count towards your 10,000ft Plans subscription.

What is a “Resource Only” Team Member?

You can also have resource-only team members. These people cannot log in, view or track their time in 10,000ft Plans. They also do not count toward your plan.

Are there different prices for different levels of access?

In an effort to keep your user management and billing simple, we charge the same rate for all active users in 10,000ft Plans. There is not a difference in pricing for those with administrative-level privileges compared to those with read-only or time tracking privileges.

How do I subscribe to the service?

Once you have signed up for a free trial of 10,000ft Plans, you can subscribe to a Basic Plan in Account Settings. If you would like to subscribe to a Professional or Enterprise plan, simply email our support team to enable your account with the additional benefits of these plans.

What are the plan durations?

You can choose to subscribe to 10,000ft Plans either monthly or annually with the Basic Plan. If you subscribe monthly, you can cancel anytime and we simply stop billing the card on file with your account. If you pay annually, you get discounted plan, but cannot cancel your plan until the duration of the term is over. The Professional plan and Enterprise plans are currently only available to teams who choose to pay annually.

What are the different payment options?

If you subscribe to a Basic plan, you may purchase your monthly subscription with a credit card. Teams selecting the Professional Plan are able to purchase via a monthly credit card charge or annual credit card or invoice payment. Teams with the Enterprise plan typically choose to pay via an invoice per the terms of a custom contract.

May I upgrade or downgrade my plan once I subscribe?

If you are paying monthly by credit card, you may upgrade or downgrade your plan anytime in Account Settings. In this case, we prorate your next month’s charge based on the date you upgrade or downgrade. Those with a Professional or Enterprise plan or those paying by invoice need to contact our team to expand your access. All annual plans may only be upgraded during the term.

What if I don’t upgrade to a paid subscription after my trial?

If you choose not to upgrade, after the trial expires, your account will be deactivated automatically. We will keep your information for 90 days, so if you decide to purchase later, we will have your data ready to go.

Someone left my company. How does this person impact the price of my plan?

Because you pay for 10,000ft Plans in groups of users, you pay the same amount for your team for a fixed number of active seats each month or year. If someone leaves your company, you should archive that user. This will deny login access for that person and make his or her seat available to someone else from your team.

Are there any discounts for non-profit teams?

Yes, we often work with non-profit teams who have a limited budget for software purchases. 501(c)3 organizations are eligible for a 25% discount off their 10,000ft Plans subscription. Please contact our support team to request this discount.

My company has specific software procurement requirements. Will 10,000ft Plans accommodate them?

The three plans above reflect the pricing that aligns with your purchase process and required service level. Teams purchasing the Basic plan pay less for the software, but have fewer services available to them. The Enterprise plan is in place to accommodate teams with very specific corporate service and compliance requirements. Please contact our team to discuss how 10,000ft may support your team with an Enterprise plan.
Get full visibility into your project portfolio today. See how 10,000ft Plans can take your organization to the next level.
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