WM360 is a business consultancy and technology service firm headquartered in London, with development hubs across the globe. They leverage the tools and functionality inherent in Microsoft SharePoint to deliver solutions that are technically robust, yet simple to manage. They pride themselves on balancing high-quality work with an autonomous culture that allows their employees to put forward their own ideas and develop their skills and knowledge of the industry.

WM360 needed a tool that matched their flexible work environment and provided them with easier access to budget information, team utilization, and revenue recognition. After a thorough evaluation of the resource management tools in the marketplace, they chose to implement 10,000ft Plans based on the reporting and customization options offered.

Before 10,000ft Plans, WM360 used a combination of time tracking software and custom spreadsheets to manage their resources and provide business analytics. But this was a manual process and the time invested in keeping multiple tools up to date became too costly to continue.

As their team continued to grow, the need for a combined time tracking and resource management solution became clear.

WM360 introduced 10,000ft Plans to their organization and quickly identified the following three features as having the most impact on their business:

  • Easy access to report data
  • Clean project status updates that give them important information at a glance
  • Using tags to tailor their search and filter criteria to their business needs

We’re thrilled to support WM360’s continued growth and collaborative culture. Visit their website to learn more about their work: www.wm360.com

"We needed to combine our resource tracking and time management in a simplified way. 10,000ft Plans has become a great solution for our resource planning."

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