Piranha is not your typical mobile marketing firm. They are creative experts on the latest technologies in web and mobile development and deliver best-in-class products for their clients. They pride themselves in their work and company culture—including an office slushy machine and frequent team activities. You can learn more about their work and their culture here: http://www.agencepiranha.com

The Challenge

Piranha was founded in 2008, and their success came with growing pains that presented specific challenges. As they hired more team members, there was more to keep track of—like who had availability, who was working on which project, and for how long. They needed a way to monitor multiple budgets at once and be proactive about staying within them.

They set out to re-evaluate their tools and methods for managing the business. Certain tools they experimented with helped them manage budgets but did not have the resource management capacity that was needed. Others tools were too complicated to learn or did not offer the flexibility to match their workflow.

The Solution

After an in-depth search and evaluation, Piranha chose 10,000ft Plans as their budgeting and resource management software. The top three features most beneficial to their business are:

Team Member Time Sheets: By having resourcing and time tracking in one place, the actual act of time tracking is quite easy for Piranha. Employees know what they are working on and how much time they should devote to each project, which allows data to be fed back to the management team in real time.

Project Planning: The Schedule allows them to make day-to-day changes to the plan and see the impact of those changes immediately. When projects are delayed, they can move all the phases and assignments together and immediately see how it fits in to the rest of the business’ schedule.

Analytics: The Analytics section provides reports on who is being under-utilized, how many hours and fees have been incurred, and alerts them to specific areas where adjustments are needed. They use the data from past projects to inform future proposals and make more accurate bids.

We were excited when Piranha started using 10,000ft Plans to manage their business and are delighted to support their continued growth.

"Knowing where we are optimal—and where we are not—is really useful. With a few clicks, it is really easy to get the information we need."

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