Kelly Brothers Productions

Kelly Brothers Productions is a storytelling company based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. They partner with a variety of clients including broadcasters, corporations, not-for-profits, and arts communities to bring stories to life. They are passionate about growing their company and telling personal stories through a wide variety of visual mediums.

One look at their work and it is clear that the team at Kelly Brothers are master storytellers. They work on a wide range of projects, both locally and internationally, from documentaries, corporate videos and hosting events, to branded content and event video direction. However, they struggled to find a system that gave them information about their projects that helped them measure the impact of their work on the overall business.

“Prior to 10,000ft Plans our company used multiple databases to track internal and external expenses separately, and as a result it was very difficult if not impossible at times to feel confident that a project was progressing efficiently and within budget.”

After realizing they needed a more robust system in place, they looked to 10,000ft Plans in hopes of getting better insight into their projects before, during, and after completion. After using the tool for several months, we asked them what they loved most:

  • “We love the time tracking feature and the ability to see how our team and expenses are progressing day by day, so if we see someone or something going over budget we can act on it right away.
  • “We love the various financial reports and analytics that 10,000ft Plans offers. We now have monthly meetings to review the financials of recently completed projects and rely on these reports to show us where we went right and where there is room for improvement and/or adjustment.
  • “Last, but certainly not least, we love the team at 10,000ft Plans! They are always there ready to help if and when we have a question and are personable as well as knowledgeable. Excellent customer service!”

Implementation and Results

It took Kelly Brothers approximately 3.5 months to evaluate and get their team up to speed using 10,000ft Plans, but the result was worth the wait. Office manager and executive assistant, Sara Rose Walton, puts it this way:

“Small businesses know how hard their teams work and it is easy to run out of time and lose sight of the financial bottom line. The great thing about 10,000ft Plans is that once you get it up and running all you have to do is ensure that time and expense data is up-to-date and 10,000ft Plans does the rest of the work for you! Anytime of day you can easily access a wide variety of reports and analytics that will show you how your team and projects are performing. This in turn provides our project leads with greater confidence, less stress and the ability to make adjustments and improvements to the schedule and expenses on the fly.”

We’re so glad Kelly Brothers found 10,000ft Plans and we’re proud to support the growth of their business. You can learn more about their team and see some of their work on their website:

"10,000ft Plans has provided our project leads with greater confidence, less stress and the ability to make adjustments and improvements on the fly."

Have questions about how 10,000ft Plans can work for your company? Send us an email!

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