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Heliotrope is a Seattle-based architecture firm driven by great design that transcends style and trend. Their approach is rooted in cultivating strong relationships with their clients and partners, and carefully balancing the project’s requirements with the ecological, cultural, and historical considerations of the site. Their studio emphasizes flexibility and creative thinking to achieve inspiring design solutions that meet the needs and desires of their clients.

As an organization, they have three primary goals: to produce inspiring, fun, and award-winning work; spend time with their families; and build a successful business. They have seen successes in the first two, but to aid in the ongoing pursuit of goal #3, Heliotrope began using 10,000ft Plans to manage their time tracking and schedule.

“Before 10,000ft Plans, we were using a manual time tracking and budgeting process, combined with a splash of chaos, to keep track of our projects.”

Their manual approach proved to be difficult to scale, so they set out to introduce a more formal time tracking and budget reporting process into their workflow. By implementing 10,000ft Plans, they gained greater visibility into what everyone was working on and benefited from being able to quickly pull reports that rolled up all hours worked on a particular project.

Changes to the plan are tracked instantly and the impact of those changes are immediately reflected in the budget. 10,000ft Plans has also had a positive impact on their invoicing procedures by showing how much is left to invoice a client.

Heliotrope is able to collect the business data they need to be more efficient without compromising the creative process that has contributed to their success.

We are thrilled to be a part of Heliotrope’s inspiring process. You can learn more about their firm and view their project portfolio on their website: www.heliotropearchitects.com

"Implementation was instant and the ramp up was quick. We’re uncovering best practices, and we’re excited to see how new features will help our work."

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