The 10,000ft Mobile App

10,000ft is designed for people who want to get things done. They are creative workers, who are not motivated by hierarchy, but by their contributions and quality of their work. People in these teams might work from anywhere, at anytime. With 10,000ft mobile web, creative thinkers and dynamic teams find the freedom they need, while making sure their work is profitable and completed as intended.

Track Time in 3 Taps

No more waiting until you are back in the office or on your computer to track your time, you can now do it on the go. Use your phone to login into your 10,000ft account and all your projects’ information will be pushed right to your phone. If you end up working according to the plan, simply confirm the day and the time, and you are done. If you have worked on a different project, or need to modify your suggested hours, you can quickly edit that information, with one-tap time entry for each 15 minutes worked.

Confirm Time Suggestions

If you end up working according to the plan, simply confirm the day and you are done.

Itemized Time Tracking

Specify whether the hours worked should be tracked to a category or if you need to add notes to each entry documenting activities completed.

Post Status

With a couple of taps, you can easily let your team know if you are in the office, working from home, on the road, on vacation, or out sick. This status is posted to the 10,000ft In and Out Board.

Where Do I Get It

On a mobile device go to http://mobile.10000ft.com. You can either bookmark this page, or save it to the home screen for a full screen experience. Currently the mobile app works best in the browser on iOS and Android. We are working on web support for Windows phone, as well as an iPhone app.