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Integrations Overview

Our Integration Philosophy

At 10,000ft, we aim to be the very best Resource + Project Portfolio Planning Software in the world. We can’t and don’t want to build a solution that tries to solve all your business needs. But we know that modern organizations rely on a series of business tools to operate effectively. Connecting those systems can save time, money, and build trust in your data and trust in the decisions made from that data.

10,000ft's job is to help you make informed operational decisions by visualizing information that matters across your projects and people. Our software might have complementary or overlapping data with your CRM solution, HR software, or finance tools. Together, your software suite can help draw a robust picture of important insights across your company.

Here's an example of how 10,000ft can fit in with other business tools:

diagram showing how 10,000ft fits into the general business suite

What's an API?

API stands for Application Programming Interface. When two different pieces of software talk to each other, they typically use an API to exchange information from one tool to another.

Many of the apps you use every day utilize an API in one form or another. Expedia or Kayak, for example, connect to many different airlines’ APIs to retrieve flight information, making it easy to compare and book flights. The weather app on your phone pulls the five-day forecast from a weather service using an API, too. Even the actions in 10,000ft leverage different APIs to complete actions in our own software.

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Integration Difficulty Scale

As long as you can access the information you need, you can accomplish quite a bit using simple integrations. There are also a wide range possibilities with 10,000ft if you want to invest in developing a more custom solution for your team.

Below, we've outlined what you can expect in terms of difficulty and time to integrate your tools:

$ Easy

Export to QuickBooks, Google Sheets integrations, or Zapier.

Little to no technical experience needed.

$$ Moderate

API pulls a list of items like projects and people from 10,000ft to use in another system. This is great when creating custom lists, reports, or dashboards.

Some technical skills required, but this shouldn't take much time.

$$$ Hard

API syncs data between two or more systems.

Technical skills required and multiple weeks of effort needed.

$$$$ Expert

Completely custom apps built on top of the 10,000ft platform.

Must have some strong technical skills and a generous amount of time allotted.