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People and Permissions

There are two types of users in 10,000ft Insights: Project Members and Collaborators. Project Members have full access to add, edit, and delete any content within the project. Collaborators have more restrictive permissions for added security and control. Collaborators can view and interact with all Sparks, Groups, and Tools, as well as create, edit, and delete their own Sparks. All plans allow for an unlimited amount of Collaborators.

Individuals on the Team Plan can add Project Members and Collaborators as needed by selecting from the list of account members in the Project Settings. The account owner can add new account members not on the list. Individuals on the Free plan can invite an unlimited number of collaborators to their project.

Add People

  1. In the Project Settings, select Add People from the upper right corner. NOTE: once you invite people to your account, this link will read People along with the number of invited members in the project.
  2. From here, you can enter the email address of anyone you’d like to invite to the project.
  3. Below the email address field is the message they will receive. You can edit this text to include special instructions or a personalized message. This message is saved so it can be reused on future invitations.

Project Owners in a Team plan will see two tabs on the Add People page: Members and Collaborators. Members and Collaborators can be added as needed by selecting individuals from the list of Account Members. The Account Owner can add new Account Members not on the list.

Remove People

From the People page, you can review a list of current Project Members and Collaborators. Individuals on the Free plan and Project Owners can choose to remove members at any time. Select Remove to the right of the Member’s, or Collaborator’s name. Confirm the action by selecting Yes - Remove, or No - Go Back to cancel.

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