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Present the project status and communicate creative decisions quickly and easily.
Decision making software
Simple Client Presentations

Create Simple, Professional Presentations

The Poster Tool is a simple way to create status updates, pitch new ideas, and tell the story of your project to your clients and stakeholders.

Easily drag out pieces of your project onto the canvas and rearrange them to craft the perfect flow. When you share your Poster with your client, you can be confident they will have the most up-to-date information.

Combine Perspectives With Inference Data

The Decision Tool aggregates all your analysis from the other Thinking Tools and synthesizes it into a single view.

Our patent-pending inference engine visualizes how each idea meets your key requirements and helps you make objective decisions based on subjective input.
Synthesized analysis
Scenario planning view

Consider Alternative Scenarios With A Single Click

Use the Decision Tool to toggle Key Criteria and consider multiple scenarios. You can easily see how new information impacts your proposed solution.

Is "time to market" not a priority any more? Turn off the filter — the results will update immediately.
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