Organize Your Creative Projects

Collaborate from anywhere with a virtual war room for all your project content.
Visual brainstorming tool

Drag-And-Drop Ideas In Any Format

Keep your project content in one place by creating Sparks for you and your team to explore and refine. Sparks can be notes, presentations, documents, images, links, and more.

Anyone can add Sparks and provide feedback that helps you take your ideas further.
Collaborative idea generation
Organized design thinking

Group And Organize Your Content To Match Your Workflow

It's easy to keep your content organized, even as the project grows in scale and complexity.

Use groups for each phase of the project, or to break down big problems and ideas into manageable parts.

Capture Ideas On The Go With Your Mobile

The mobile capture website makes it easy to add notes and photos to your Insights project whenever an idea comes your way.

Collaborative idea generation
Need more structure for collecting and understanding client feedback?
Read on to learn about the feedback tools in 10,000ft Insights.
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