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Engage clients in your creative process with a gallery of design thinking tools.
Design thinking methods
Collaborative discussion tool

Visually Compare Requirements With Custom 2x2s

The 2x2 matrix is a tried and true method for understanding ideas and requirements. Analyze the same content with multiple 2x2s to capture everyone's perspective and input.

Capture Quick Input With Flexible Multi-Votes

Voting is a great way to quickly capture differing opinions. Set up multiple votes to look at your ideas from different perspectives, like the safest option or the most ambitious.

You can customize how many votes each person gets and the results are hidden until you cast your vote to prevent group bias.
Easy design thinking setup
Collaborative discussion tool

Group Ideas & Track Your Progress With Card Sorting

Use the Sort Tool to look at your ideas and content in different ways. Drag your Sparks onto custom columns to prioritize, affinitize, or simply categorize the different pieces of your project.

Get Started With Built-In Templates

Keep common analysis frameworks at your fingertips. Choose from a gallery of pre-built tools and methods to start analyzing your ideas and uncovering insights sooner.

Easy design thinking setup
Read how 10,000ft Insights helps to distill multiple perspectives into a single view and communicate decisions to your client.
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