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Once your team has fully onboarded 10,000ft (this usually takes about 180 days), you may want to start looking for ways to get more out of the software.

Our goal is to partner with your organization in managing your operations. If you're interested in getting more out of 10,000ft, please contact our team for an Account Review.


1. Analyze and understand your data

After your first six months of using 10,000ft, you've already collected quite a bit of data about your team. This data may include information like project effort, staff utilization, and average project burn. Much of the value of 10,000ft is in leveraging this data to make smarter decisions for your organization.

Make sure you're taking the time to learn from your data by conducting a project post-mortem after your work is complete. 10,000ft will help you see where things went awry and how you might plan better next time.

Teams who want to create robust reporting should add custom fields to start tracking essential business data in 10,000ft. You can also create custom dashboards or connect the software with BI solutions like PowerBI, Looker, Domo, Tableau, etc. with our API.

If you ever need help creating a report or understanding how to analyze a data set, please reach out to our team.

2. Optimize your workflows

We always recommend that teams use the first 3-6 months in 10,000ft to define new workflows for project delivery. Once you've determined the right manual process for project creation, delivery, and post-mortem, you may want to consider how 10,000ft integrates with other business tools automatically.

Using our API, many teams connect 10,000ft with their CRM so they can estimate and visualize a project pipeline right in 10,000ft. Other teams connect 10,000ft with finance systems for seamless billing.

You can read more about integrations here, and if you need help understanding feasibility, please reach out to our team.

3. Share feedback with our product team

We're continually working to improve 10,000ft and ship functionality that supports our customers and our philosophy around high-level planning. You can review some of the latest product updates here to make sure you didn’t miss anything new. You can also share feedback or feature requests here.

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