You need to make sure your project teams have the right disciplines or skill sets.

Project Planning for Software Development

Software developers often rely on specific tasks to prioritize work and stay productive. But individual tasks add up to projects, and keeping projects profitable and on schedule requires a higher-level view. 10,000ft Plans is the perfect compliment to your current sprint-planning tool because it looks across projects and shows their progress against the established budget and deadlines.

Quickly monitor all your projects at the same time and see which ones are on track, add available team members to projects that are falling behind, and immediately see the impact those changes have on the budget. 10,000ft Plans gives you the high level information you need to stay agile and on task.

Visual Resource Management

The visual scheduler allows you to quickly build project teams based on your employee’s skills and availability. Learn More

Interactive Project Roadmap

View current and upcoming projects on the project schedule to plan your company’s roadmap. Learn More

Robust Business Analytics

Use reports to view the most important information about a project’s health and make strategic decisions with up-to-date data. Learn More

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Software Development Case Studies

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