You need a clear picture of your project pipeline so you know when you can start new work.

Resource Management for Media Production

The media production business moves fast and there is little time for inputting data into software. But knowing which projects are on track or at risk of running over-budget is critical to the success of your company.

You need high level information about your projects—like budget, deadlines, and who is doing what. Everything else is too abstract to get planned and that’s what makes your job so exciting. 10,000ft Plans gives you the space to let your creative process run the show, by focusing on the big picture of your teams and projects.

Visual Scheduling Tool

Use the Schedule to share the plan with your entire team and create assignments. When your team knows how much time to devote to a certain project, they are more likely to stick to the budget. Learn More

One-Click Time Tracking

Spend less time on administrative tasks. When team members work according to the plan, they can confirm their time for the day rather than enter in all their hours. Updating or modifying a time entry is painless, too. Learn More

Real-Time Budget Tracking

You can set budgets for your projects based on time, fees, or expenses, and track your progress along the way. 10,000ft Plans provides real-time status reports to help you monitor your projects and know if you are scheduled to be under- or over-budget. Learn More

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Media Production Case Studies

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