You need useful analytics for all your campaigns, projects and retainers in one place.

Resource Management for Marketing & Advertising

Agency life is hectic. Every day you tackle your client’s toughest challenges and deliver fresh creative solutions— in style. Your company is made up of marketing experts who thrive on ambiguous problems with no clear solution. But the biggest challenge of all is the one closest to home: keeping your projects profitable and moving forward.

Spreadsheets are clunky at best and can take 40 hours a week just to maintain. 10,000ft Plans gives you a high-level view of your teams and projects, and allows you to share changes to the plan instantly so you can get back to what your company is best at.

Resource Management

A highly visual schedule shows you what everyone is working on in a single view, and allows you to quickly identify pockets of availability and overages for you to adjust accordingly. All changes are immediately reflected on the project’s budget. Learn More

Optimize Project Planning

Estimate future projects more accurately by having a record of how similar projects performed in the past. Know if a certain type of project consistently goes over budget, and get detailed information as to why. Learn More

Robust Business Analytics

Use pre-defined and custom reports to analyze your business and make strategic decisions that help your agency be more competitive. Learn More

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