You want to reduce lost billable hours by using customizable project analytics.

Resource Planning for Management Consultants

Your consultancy delivers innovative solutions to your client’s most difficult challenges. But getting there is no easy task. It takes autonomous thinking and creative problem solving to grow your client’s businesses, and your project management software shouldn’t get in the way.

You need a tool as flexible as your team; one that helps you make strategic decisions that keep you competitive. 10,000ft Plans highlights the most important information about your teams and projects, giving you the room to solve complex problems and deliver innovative solutions to your clients.

Dynamic Resource Management

Build teams based on skills and availability, and easily share the plan so everyone understands the project’s constraints. Learn More

Interactive Project Roadmap

Create an interactive project roadmap of all your projects in relationship to each other, and make adjustments with click and drag functionality. Learn More

Dynamic Budget Tracking

Set multiple budgets per project and track them in real-time, adjusting the plan as you go so you stay within the budget. Learn More

Join these and other companies like yours to get the big picture of your business, teams, and projects.

Management Consulting Case Studies

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