You want a seamless way to build a project team by always knowing who is available.

Resource Management for IT Services

Being in the technology industry, every day is different. You solve your client’s toughest technology challenges by delivering creative solutions that meet their needs. But keeping track of all your projects at once is complicated, and making sure you deliver on time and on budget adds to the complexity. You need a project management solution that gives you the most important information about your teams and projects, and is flexible enough to change alongside the plan.

10,000ft Plans helps you outline the high-level goals and constraints of each project without over-prescribing the details. This gives your team the flexibility to work autonomously and find solutions that are unique to your client, while staying within the budget.

Robust Resource Management

Replace your static spreadsheet with a flexible, real time solution that helps you match team members to projects based on skills and availability. Learn More

Collaborative Project Planning

Clearly communicate the plan to your entire team so they know how much time they should spend on certain projects. Learn More

Optimized Project Performance

Estimate your projects more accurately based on past performance. Reports show you when projects went over-budget and why, so you can adjust future projects accordingly. Learn More

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