You need an effective, user-friendly system for juggling many moving parts within your department.

Project Planning in Higher Education

As an internal team in higher education, you know a thing or two about juggling multiple projects at the same time. You don’t have time to deal with clunky spreadsheets or project management tools that are confusing or hard to use. With so many departments and offices relying on you to develop and execute strategies that tell their story, you need to be flexible and ready to adapt at a moments notice.

10,000ft Plans shows you a high level view of what your teams are working on and how they are progressing towards your goals. You can gain insightful analytics about your teams and projects using the business analytics section, and make strategic decisions that optimize your performance. 10,000ft Plans is designed to be the flexible strategic planning tool you need to solve complex challenges for your institution.

Resource Management Software

Manage your resources more effectively with a highly visual schedule that allows you to create and adjust assignments on the fly. Learn More

Big Picture Project Planning

Create an interactive project roadmap that shows you all your projects in relationship to each other and how your deadlines line up. Learn More

Insightful Business Analytics

Use business analytics to create custom reports that give you strategic insight into your process and performance. Learn More

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