Projects never go according to the plan so you need something that is flexible and easy to update.

Project Planning for Design Teams

As a design consultancy, you’re in the business of pushing limits. You are motivated by the challenge of coming up with designs that impress. But finding the best solution requires an understanding of the boundaries you have to work within.

10,000ft Plans defines the project’s constraints and gives the people closest to the project the information they need to make autonomous decisions that keep the project moving forward. When everyone understands the plan, they have the freedom and flexibility to do what they do best: create innovative solutions to complex problems. And the best part is, your projects stay on time and on budget in the process.

Real-Time Project Planning Software

View the most important information about a project’s health and make strategic decisions with up-to-date data. Learn More

Dynamic Resource Management

Manage your resources more effectively with high-level scheduling that instantly shows you who is available and who is over-booked. Learn More

Data-Driven Project Analysis

Make sense of complex data and analyze your projects’ performance so you can improve your team’s efficiency over time. Learn More

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