You want real-time data on how much fee is left for your projects and phases.

Resource Management for Architecture & Engineering

Your projects are all about turning your client’s visions into reality by using creative problem solving and state-of-the-art design concepts. Your work is anything but predictable, but that's why you love what your job. With so many variables to keep track of, how do you keep the business side of what you do in order?

Your project management software should provide the most important information about your project’s health, like budgets, project status, deliverables, and give you the flexibility to update the plan as your needs change. 10,000ft Plans thrives on big picture planning and lets you seamlessly manage all your projects, teams, and budgets in a simple, easy-to-use interface.

High-Level Resource Management

Keep the plan high-level by assigning team members to projects and phases rather than individual tasks. This gives them the freedom to solve complex design challenges without being too prescriptive. Learn More

Real-Time Project Status

Manage ambiguous projects more effectively by focusing on the most important information about the project’s health, such as budget, deadlines, and milestones. Learn More

Dynamic Business Analytics & Reports

Pull visual reports using complex data to gain strategic insights that help your be more efficient over time. Learn More

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Architecture & Engineering Case Studies

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