10,000ft + SoDA Present: A Report on Agency Metrics that Matter

Getting the right information to the right people at the right time.

One of the biggest challenges we see agencies struggling with is getting the right information to the right people at the right time.

This data is typically buried in large, complicated tools, or it’s fragmented across a bunch of different spreadsheets and software. Managing all this information can be frustrating for teams whose primary focus is to produce good, creative work for their clients.

At 10,000ft, we want to help creative teams more easily manage the complexities of running multiple projects and people all at once.

Our primary goal in building resource management and project planning software was to lift the fog and ease the dread that’s typically associated with finding and acting on data. We want to make it easy for teams to have visibility into data that matters; like who’s working on what, how projects are tracking against the budget, or projecting how profitable next quarter will be.

Our customers frequently ask what they should be tracking and how they compare to other agencies. We can help creative agencies be more successful by having insight into their own metrics, but we haven’t been able to help them understand how they stack up on a broader scale… until now.

Finding Agency Metrics that Matter

This year, we partnered with SoDA to explore how agencies, production companies, and design studios manage performance measurement. SoDA has such a strong community. Their focus on educating and sharing best practices with their members made it a great fit to collaborate on this research together.

The SoDA Report On... Agency Metrics That Matter from Society of Digital Agencies

We believe benchmarks like these are incredibly helpful to understand whether you’re on the right track as we all head into a more data-focused future of work. But, benchmarks can be tricky. They’re context-specific and each business’ approach is unique. For example, your utilization rate might be below average, but you may have higher bill rates than average to make up for it.

There were some surprising findings in our survey that suggest that agencies are actually looking for more guidance on what to track, and they also want to know what to do with all the data they already have. There’s a lot of nuance in these numbers. But at the end of the day, if you’re profitable and your clients and employees are happy, that’s what matters.