Zapier Makes It Easy to Integrate 10,000ft with Your Other Tools

Zapier allows you connect 10,000ft with thousands of other apps.

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Want to integrate 10,000ft with your other tools, without spending resources working with our API?

We have some good news!

We recently expanded our integrations offering through Zapier, a popular third-party tool that allows you connect 10,000ft with thousands of other applications, saving you time and keeping your data accurate and up to date.

While custom integrations typically require a developer, Zapier enables you to connect 10,000ft with other tools in your workflow without even looking at a line of code.

How Zapier Works with 10,000ft

Zapier integrations with 10,000ft

10,000ft has several Actions and Triggers with Zapier, which allow you to send and receive information between your other applications and 10,000ft. Other tools likely have their own Actions and Triggers. Zapier lets you browse and see what’s available for each platform to map your organization’s workflows.
Actions are used for writing data to your 10,000ft account. Triggers send data to another tools when something happens in 10,000ft.

Some examples of Actions and Triggers are:

  • Create a project when a lead is converted in Salesforce
  • Create 10,000ft time entries from new Harvest timesheets
  • Set up a 10,000ft user when you add a new team member to your CRM tool
  • Send a Slack notification when an assignment is updated
  • Create a Trello board when a new project is created
  • Update your Google or Outlook calendar when you’re staffed on that new project

When you connect an action with a trigger, you get what’s called a Zap. Zaps can be as few as two steps, but you can add different levels of complexity to your Zap, depending on your needs.

We’ve provided some Zap Templates to give you some ideas, but they only represent a sample of what’s possible.

We’re looking forward to seeing what you build, and we’re here to help. Let us know if you want more information about how you can use Zapier and 10,000ft to streamline your operational workflow.

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