Tips for 10,000ft Project Managers Who Like to Stay Organized

A handful of useful housekeeping tips for organizing your projects and teams in 10,000ft.

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Good project managers are a bit obsessive compulsive. In our case, this isn’t a disorder; it’s a valuable skill that works to our advantage.

We like to keep things organized. And arrange things in a way that makes it easy to find what we’re looking for. We keep an eye on change, where it happens, and how. Status. How we are doing against budgets. Resource availability and scheduling. Rescheduling. The list goes on.

At 10,000ft we get this—Everything we do to create 10,000ft and keep it running fits into the same project model. We have the same needs. And we hear from you, our customer, every day about what really matters to you. We think the Edit Projects feature we launched this year (and some things that had been around for a while) can help you a lot.

Remove clutter

Until recently, housekeeping activities like archiving old projects in 10,000ft was done by editing one project at a time. This was time consuming and we observed that many old projects were just left around, piling up. But not anymore.

project portfolio spreadsheet confirmation

The new Edit Projects feature on the Project Portfolio page we introduced earlier this year allows you to select multiple projects and perform common operations on them at once. Like, archiving old projects.

Having old projects out of sight will speed up your workflow by reducing the time you spend scrolling around, searching and scanning you might otherwise do on the project portfolio page. It also helps our app load a bit faster because we can skip loading or searching through years and years worth of old projects.

archive projects 10,000ft

Stay organized with tags and custom fields

Not all projects are run equally. Some projects are on track. At risk. Have high or lower priority. They’re different kinds, such as “UX design” or “Content” or “Non-Profit”. The specifics are typically unique to how you and your team has decided to classify your projects.

10,000ft helps you do this by tagging project or adding specific custom fields to record the various attributes — custom fields is a feature only available in Pro & Enterprise plans.

custom fields settings

The Edit Projects feature on the Project Profiles page allows you to assign tags and custom field values to many projects at once. This example shows marking several projects as On Track using the Edit Projects feature and a custom field called Project Risk.

at risk custom fields 10,000ft

Don’t see custom fields in your account? Contact our support team to learn more about upgrading to a Pro plan.

Focus on what matters to you

Your organization may be running multiple projects at any given time. And you need to focus on and stay on top of those that are being managed or tracked by you. The project portfolio page helps you with this by allowing you to select filters and save them — you can think of these as Favorites or shortcuts.

  • A “My Projects” saved view can be setup easily by adding a tag that has your name, assigning that value to your projects, and creating a saved filter for that tag.
  • At risk projects can be easily found and tracked using a Custom Field called Project Risk, and filtering by that.
  • You can organize projects into a simple pipeline view by creating a custom field for Pipeline Stage, and allowing values like “Lead”, “Prospecting”, “Qualified”, “Won” and “Lost”, and creating saved filter views for each value.

The possibilities here are many, and you can get creative in how you use them. Filters can include many fields and tags, and can be as sophisticated as you like them to be.

Show off

You’ve taken the time to cleanup, get organized, and make frequently accessed filters easy to get to via saved views. Now it’s time to show off by sharing them with your team. They can see all shared filters when they see the Project Portfolio page.

You want to email them a link to a saved view you say? Well, that is an excellent idea but one we haven’t gotten to putting together yet. Stay tuned.

Tidy up around your workstation

Dirty coffee mugs and piles of paper making it hard to find things on your desk? 10,000ft can’t help you with this yet. But now that all your projects are in order and your teammates are happy, there’s time left to organize things around your desk. And help any untidy neighbors.

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