The Summer of Best Place to Work

We've been named the 4th Best Small Business to Work For by Seattle Business Magazine, earning a spot in the top 100!

Seattle Business 100 Best Companies to Work for 2018 plaque

This year, for the first time, we applied for two Best Place to Work awards. Yes, you can probably see where this is going. Get ready for a little humble bragging :)

We first applied for Inc. Magazine’s Best Workplaces of 2018, and were excited to find out last month that we made the list.

So, it’s wonderful icing on the cake to find out we’ve also been named the 4th Best Small Business to Work For by Seattle Business Magazine, earning a spot in the top 100 alongside companies like Redfin, Facebook, and Zillow.

Similar to Inc.’s process, Seattle Business Magazine conducts anonymous employee surveys with questions across these 10 categories:

  • corporate culture
  • executive leadership
  • benefits
  • communication
  • hiring / retention
  • performance standards
  • responsibility / decision-making
  • rewards / recognition
  • training / education
  • workplace environment

They average out the results to rank the top companies in each category, grouped together by size. We were shocked to find out that we topped the list for Best Benefits across all company sizes, and we ranked in the top five for Workplace Environment and Communication.

We’ve always been proud of our passionate, hard-working, and funny team here at 10,000ft (don’t worry, we even like the people who aren’t so funny), and the deliberate culture we’ve built together over the last six years. As you probably know, we talk about culture a lot (see here, here, here, here). And to finally have it recognized with two awards at this stage of our growth feels super special.

We know this wouldn’t happen without our customers and community. We love being able to work with all of you and help your businesses grow, too. You truly are what keep us passionate about our work, so thank you for being part of our journey.

Here’s to being an unofficial best place to work since 2012, and making it official in 2018.

- The 10,000ft Team

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