[White Paper] 5 Hard Questions Every Creative Agency Should Be Asking

When it comes to running a creative agency, it’s all too common to avoid asking questions that might expose underlying problems with your process. We avoid these questions because the information is either too difficult to access, or there’s a backlog of client work that takes precedence. More often than not, it’s both.

Since launching 10,000ft, we’ve learned a lot about what information creative agencies need to run their business. More importantly, we’ve learned what questions you need to answer in order to make strategic improvements over time.

In this guide, we share five questions that will challenge you to create a deeper understanding of your creative agency. We also offer some discussion prompts to help you improve your process, and tips for using the reports in 10,000ft Plans to access this information more easily.

10,000ft Team
December 14th, 2016
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