New Guide: How to Overcome Today’s Toughest Agency Challenges

Over the last several years, more and more organizations are shedding traditional, hierarchical structures in favor of a flat, team-based model of work. Rather than relying on a top-down mentality and predictable processes, this model is more fluid, allowing project-based teams to dynamically form and disband based on the needs of each individual project.

Last year, Deloitte’s research team noted this shift in their 2017 Human Capital Trends Report, stating:

“For a company to stay agile, teams must be formed and disbanded quickly. High-performing companies today may build a ‘digital customer experience’ group, select individuals for the team, and ask them to design and build a new product or service in a year or two. Afterward, the team disperses as team members move on to new projects. This ability to move between teams without risk is a critical attribute of today’s high-performing companies.”

The same is true for creative agencies.

As client demands change and new competition creeps in, many shops have left behind retainers and AOR contracts in favor of project-based work. But shorter project timelines means agencies need to manage all the moving parts more efficiently, and planning, staffing, managing, and reporting on so many different projects can be a real challenge.

To face these challenges, agencies are asking themselves:

  • How can we run our projects more efficiently without sacrificing quality?
  • How can we stay productive without overworking people?
  • How do we keep our team engaged in the work we’re giving them?
  • How do we continue to build a pipeline to help us sustainably grow?
  • How do we manage the creative process without diminishing creativity?

In our latest guide, Overcoming Today’s Toughest Agency Challenges, we look at some of the most pressing issues facing agencies today, and what progressive shops can do to overcome them.

This isn’t a sales pitch. Nor is it an exhaustive tactical checklist. The goal of this guide is to help you recognize what factors are impeding your agency’s growth, and provide an overview of how you can adopt a dynamic structure and thrive in today’s unpredictable business environment.

overcoming agency challenges guide

Anton Rius
October 23rd, 2018
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