Introducing a Smarter, Faster Menu for Assigning and Re-Assigning Work

Our new menu gives you the confidence that you're assigning the most well-suited people for the job.

smart reassign menu

Resourcing a team is serious business. The team composition can make or break not only the outcomes of your projects, but also the happiness of the group and your company’s overall profitability.

We’re excited to introduce a feature in 10,000ft that will help you feel more confident that the people you’re selecting for your projects are the most well-suited for the job.

The menu to assign and re-assign work just got a major refresh to speed up the process of resourcing your projects. You can now quickly hone in on the types of roles you need to fill and focus your search on a smaller, more qualified group, instead of selecting from a long list of people.

First, placeholder assignments

People and schedule examples

In setting the groundwork for this new menu, we launched Placeholder Assignments to give your team a more structured way of scheduling projects when you don't yet know who will be performing the work. Placeholders can be used to help you answer questions like:

  • Do I have enough people on staff to take on this new work or should we be hiring?
  • How do I know when my projects are understaffed?
  • How do I give my client an estimate and timeline for a project when I don’t even know who will work on it?

Just like People in 10,000ft, Placeholders can be given attributes like roles, disciplines, custom fields, and bill rates so you can see how the assignments will impact your project budgets. Read more here about how to create and use placeholders, as well as ideas for implementing them into your team’s workflow.

Introducing the new assign menu

Whether your team is large or small, resourcing can be complicated because there are often so many moving parts throughout a project. It can be hard to remember all of the skills and experiences everyone on your team has to determine if you've selected the best person for the job. If you do feel good about who you’ve assigned, what happens if that person suddenly isn’t available? Maybe they’re out sick, or on vacation – how do you confidently select the next best match?

Our new assign menu will help make sure you can consider all your resourcing options and assign work to the best people based on your requirements. Now, when you click to add a resource from anywhere in 10,000ft Plans, you can add criteria to filter the list to find matching people and placeholders. If no one matches, you’ll still be able to select from your full list of team members.

Re-assigning work

reassign project page with filters

When re-assigning work, we’ll pre-populate the existing details of the original person or placeholder and you can add or remove filters from there. Here's an example using the image above:

  1. Let’s say you need to re-assign work from Chris, a full-time Lead Researcher in the San Francisco office who specializes in Brand Strategy.
  2. When you click to re-assign his work from the Project Page or Schedule in 10,000ft, Discipline: Researcher, Role: Lead, and Location: San Francisco will already be selected as filters so you can easily choose someone else who meets the same requirements.
  3. You can then layer in the custom fields Skills: Brand Strategy and Employee Type: FTE to get even more specific. Above, Verena and Joe show up as matches and you can simply click on one of their names to re-assign.
  4. Or, let’s say you don’t actually care that the new person is located in San Francisco. Just remove the location filter and you’ll see a list of Lead Researchers across your organization who meet all the other requirements.

If you’re using Custom Fields for people, they become much more powerful when you need to quickly assign or re-assign work based on any of your team’s custom criteria like skills, languages, business group, etc. If you’re not using custom fields, upgrade to a Pro Plan to get started, or let us know if you need more convincing and we can certainly help :)

This new assign menu gives you the confidence that you’re always presenting your clients and stakeholders with the most qualified people for the job. And even if things change (as they so often do) and you need to adjust the project plan, the new menu will save you time in finding the next best team for your project work.

Questions? Feedback on the new menu? We're always here and would love to hear from you.

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