How Do I Track the Health of My Projects?

How do you track the health of your projects? Find out in this video.

Do you know if everything's going according to plan? How healthy are your projects? Find out in this new video, part of a series designed to help you make more confident business decisions.

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When you click into a project, you can see a high-level overview of the project health in the left-hand panel. Time, fees, expenses, and work status.

You can see that the project is in red and is forecasted to go over-budget based off what your team has already worked and what's future scheduled. You can use a time and fees report to better understand why this project is burning hot by looking at the difference from past scheduled column, which shows you who worked more or less time than what was originally scheduled, based off timesheets.

You can even have your team leave notes to describe why they may have worked more or less time than what was scheduled.

You can see the status of project deliverables in two ways. Use the work status under the budget information to see a roll-up of how work or deliverables are tracking for this project. Here, you can see three at-risk and two blocked work items. Filter by status on the Worklist or the Schedule, and then go make a strategic decision about what needs to happen to get this work back on track.

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