FastCo Names 10,000ft Insights One of 2016's Most Innovative Web Platforms

FastCo just released its list of the 22 most innovative web platforms of 2016, and we’re honored that 10,000ft Insights was selected alongside tools like Slack, IBM’S Watson News Explorer, and Facebook Reactions!

The FastCo team selected 10,000ft Insights for helping designers improve how they collaborate on projects in real time. “With 10,000ft Insights, all the moving pieces are synced in one central place. The customizable platform visualizes the context needed for design decisions and displays feedback from team members and from the client. Say goodbye to miscommunication.”

See the full list here on FastCo.

You can also create a free Insights account to more easily organize and share content internally, get timely feedback from clients and stakeholders, and present beautiful project stories once all of your hard work is done.

10,000ft Team
October 5th, 2016
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