Schedule View: Easily See Your Most Available Team Members

This highly-anticipated schedule view sorts and highlights your most available people, so you can easily assign or re-assign work on the fly.

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What’s new

This highly-anticipated schedule view sorts and highlights the most available people on your team, so you can assign or re-assign work on the fly based on custom criteria, like a specific time frame, discipline, skillset, or office location.

Instead of examining each team member’s assignments to gauge their availability, now you can quickly sort the schedule to see the people with the most capacity at the top of the list while your busiest folks stay out of the way at the bottom of the list.

When to use it

This availability sort can be a powerful time-saver in a bunch of different situations - from day-to-day resourcing to last-minute scheduling or long-term strategic planning. It becomes even more impactful when combined with Custom Fields so you can filter the schedule to only see the details that matter.

Here are five common scenarios where the availability pivot will be super helpful:

  1. You’re in the final stages of an important project and someone is unexpectedly out sick. You need a replacement with similar skills. 
  2. During a resourcing meeting, an executive asks how next month's staffing plan is looking for the New York office. Are there any team members who are under-utilized or on the bench? 
  3. Your biz dev team is excited about a cool new potential project, but it’s unclear when the team would have capacity to take it on. 
  4. A few tentative projects you set up are coming around the corner fast and you need to assign placeholder work to real people. 
  5. You’re trying to schedule shadowing sessions next week for a newly hired employee, but you only want to include team members who have extra capacity.

How to use it

We have a step-by-step guide in our Help Topics, or you can try it out on your own by logging into your account and navigating to the People View of the schedule. Don't have a 10,000ft account yet? Start a free trial to see it in action.

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