10,000ft First Birthday Anniversary

Today we are proud to celebrate 10,000ft first year in market! In a year, our customers in 27 countries have entered 23,452 projects with 6,161,702 recorded and scheduled hours. These are numbers that make us proud; we believe that behind these numbers rests a shared belief in a mission to create a great environment for creative thinkers to do their best work.

Creative thinkers deal with ambiguous problems and the process to solve these problems is different every time. We have a desire for autonomy, mastery and purpose. Yet the common tools and business processes are often stifling, too detailed or prescriptive. This hinders us in doing work effectively. Thus, 10,000ft is our first step in our mission to create a modern tool set for creative thinkers.

Customers like Brooklyn United and Local Projects have shared with us their story and in learning about them, we felt connected to their challenges and passion for creativity and innovation. It is them, and thousands more customers, that we thank for supporting us and helping us refine 10,000ft; from template projects that make entering new projects faster to more flexible allocation.

But there are many more business processes that can be improved specifically for creative thinkers, ranging from collaborative business and planning, to the quality control and career management. And indeed, in addition to further improvements, these are some of the areas we’re pursuing on our roadmap. We are eager to share our developments over the next year!

Martijn van Tilburg
June 18th, 2013
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