Advanced Project Budgeting + Forecasting Software

Easily access important project metrics with 10,000ft's robust reporting
software, without digging through multiple tools or spreadsheets.

Keep track of utilization across teams and people

It's time for your annual strategy meeting, and you need to look back to see how each team’s efforts were distributed last year to get a sense of what to expect in the upcoming year.

10,000ft gives you a a full breakdown of utilization over time so you can spot important trends, like which months have historically been the busiest for your company, which teams are consistently overworked, and who's on the bench.
Team Utilization Reporting Software

Get visibility into the new business pipeline

Your sales team has been meeting with some exciting new clients and they're wondering when they can commit to the next big project.

Project reports in 10,000ft surface a month-by-month breakdown of all your currently scheduled work and all the work you're expected to win in the future, so you can confidently give the sales team the green light to add new projects to the pipeline when things open up.
New Business Pipeline

Forecast upcoming hiring needs

Your development team seems stressed out, but you're not sure if it's an unusually busy time of year or if it's an ongoing issue that could lead to burnout.

Utilization reports in 10,000ft lay out how busy each discipline and team member is slated to be based on the current schedule. This helps you identify how to spread assignments more evenly, see trends in workload throughout the year, and identify hiring needs.
Forecast Hiring Needs
Reporting, budgeting, and forecasting shouldn't be complicated. Get the information you need to keep things running smoothly.
Analytics + Reporting in 10,000ft

Planned vs. Actual Reports

Project Budget Status Reports

Team Utilization Reports

Expense Reports

Report Exports (.CSV)

Share + Save Reports

Custom Report Filtering

Project Portfolio Reports

Detailed Project Reports

Project budget and team utilization reporting for clear insights across the company.
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