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Beautiful project status reports that keep your team on track.
Project status report template

Visual Project Status Reports

The reports and analytics in 10,000ft Plans allow you to analyze the progress of all your projects, check who is under- or over-allocated, and keep the most important data about your teams and projects at your fingertips.

Custom Analytics And Reporting

Create custom analytics reports by grouping the data in 10,000ft Plans. Group by Team Member, Projects, Client, and more. Further customize your project reports by filtering the data to show specific project analytics, such as discipline or client.
Project reporting and anlytics spreadsheet
Create custom business intelligence reports for your business and interpret complex data with ease.

Project Reporting For The Entire Business

No need to wait for finance to run project management reports or program Excel formulas. You can create complex project reports by filtering and customizing project data with just a few clicks. Our project management tool allows you to make decisions faster and move the project forward.

Budget Tracking Reports

The project Budget Report shows an overview of how much time or money has been incurred on a project and how much remains. Use Budget Reports to get a complete overview of a project's status. Learn More.
Project management report

Time & Fee Reports

Create a Time & Fee Report to see how your actuals compare to what was scheduled. You can view Time & Fee reports either in Hours, Days, Amounts, Amounts & Hours, or Amounts & Days. Learn More.
Project management reporting

Project Utilization Reports

An important report in the project manager's toolkit is the utilization report. Utilization Reports show billing efficiency for a person, department or the entire firm within a defined time frame. Monitor and improve your team's efficiency with utilization reports. Learn More.
Project utilization reporting

Project Expense Reports

Expense Reports show non-labor related project costs. For example, costs incurred when hiring outside vendors, ordering prototypes or travel costs. You can also see expense report data in Budget Reports.
Learn More.
Expense reports and analytics
Reporting shouldn't be complicated. Get the information you need to keep your business moving forward.
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