10,000ft is now part of Smartsheet!

Successful projects. Stronger teams. Profitable business.

High-level project and resource management software built for modern teams

Powerful Resource Planning Features

More powerful than spreadsheets and less complicated than traditional ERP tools. Manage your team across projects, track time, and confidently forecast with real-time reporting.

Designed for Teams of Any Size

Big-picture context and deep analytics in a sleek design that scales with your business. Get the clarity and insight you need to look ahead, avoid pitfalls, and plan for growth.

People-Focused Approach

We believe that transparency, autonomy, purpose, and creative tenacity empowers teams to deliver their best work.

10,000ft in Action

We support over 1,000 of the most innovative companies in the world — from growing 10-person software shops, to 100-person teams within global brands, to 1,000+ person professional services firms.

BNP Paribas Fortis

Having a clear view of who's working on what, who’s overbooked, or who still has capacity is vital. With 10,000ft, you immediately have a clear view of which projects are on track and which projects aren't, with project and portfolio levels.

The Techno Creatives

10,000ft has allowed us to put the right information in the hands of the people who need it. It gives each person more responsibility to understand how everything they do impacts the budget.

Volum8 Creative Inc.

The most valuable thing 10,000ft has done is help us easily see when we need to bring on new people. It's like having a growth consultant on staff.

Swift, a POSSIBLE Company

10,000ft combines all of the necessary tools for tracking projects in one place. It makes project data visible and actionable in a way that few other tools do. We now have a much deeper understanding of where our effort is going.


To put it simply, things that couldn’t be measured before have become measurable, so now we can focus on the skills of our people without being blocked by a lack of tool, or the presence of a mediocre tool.