Big Picture Project Management Tool

Know who works on what in real-time.
See when team members become available.
Keep track of project budgets and time spent.

10,000ft is a project management
and planning tool that gives you the
big picture of your business, teams
and projects.

“It is a tool everyone is happy to use both for inputting their own time, and for understanding the project status in order to make informed decisions quickly.” -Tactile | Seattle, WA

Project Management Software

10,000ft is project management software for strategic planning and management of all your company's projects. Look across projects and track multiple teams at once, see the impact of changes to the plan on the overall business, and learn from past projects to be more efficient in the future. 10,000ft is a complete project management solution for your business. Learn More.

Integrated Time Tracking

Time tracking is necessary to see how your project estimate compares to what actually happened. But that doesn’t mean it should be complicated. 10,000ft features pre-populated time sheets and custom time entry settings to make time tracking as high-level or detailed as you need. Time entry data and bill rate information sync to create real-time budget status reports. Learn More.

Seamless Resource Planning

Dynamic teams need dynamic tools. 10,000ft provides clarity to the most difficult resource management challenges. To schedule and resource your team effectively, you need visibility into what they are working on and when they will become available. Our resourcing solution allows you to update your plan on the fly and immediately see the impact on the project’s budget. Learn More.

Real-Time Business Analytics

Use 10,000ft to gain valuable business analytics about your company. The project management analytics section compiles all the data in 10,000ft to create custom reports for your projects, team members, and business. With highly visual business analytics, you now have real-time information and can make faster decisions that keep your business moving forward. Learn More.
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