Resource Planning
and Forecasting

With an interactive schedule, 10,000ft makes it easy to manage who works on what. You can spot who is available, schedule upcoming projects and easily adjust the forecast.

Flexible Interface

Change is inevitable. With most projects, something might suddenly come up or clients might change their minds. 10,000ft lets you adapt project phases, adjust budget and reschedule deadlines with drag and drop simplicity.

Resources & Skills Matching

Successful projects depend on choosing the right people. Make the best matches between individual resources and projects’ requirements, by finding team members according to their skills and availability.

In & Out Board

Let your team know what you are working on, if you are on the road, or out sick. The status bar pre-populates with the projects you are on. Your team can check ‘the board’ to see a visual status of the entire company.
Make more consistent and effective resource allocation, minimizing the peaks and dips in your team's utilization.

Big Picture Project Planning

10,000ft focuses on the top-level information for key aspects of your organization: what projects are being developed, how they are progressing, what deliverables have been completed or how much of your budget remains.
Discovery & Research
Conceptual Design
Detailed Design
Creative Director
Project Manager
User Researcher
User Researcher
Visual Designer

Project Pages

10,000ft pulls all the information for each project together. You can see in real time the project status and whether a project is on track with regards to budget, incurred expenses or future scheduled time.

Best Practice Templates

Start a new project by creating a copy of an existing one and modify the settings to fit a new project scope. This will copy over all information for the project, including phases, budgets, team, bill rates and tasks.

Tasks & Notes

Use Tasks and Notes to track project progress, assign responsibilities to your team and record milestones.

Real-time Project Status

See the impact of any scope and resourcing adjustment instantly and record changes in an easy-to-see activity feed. Decentralize good decision-making and keep everyone informed.
Start making strategic business decisions based on real-time information and complex data.

Time and Expense Tracking

Pre-populated timesheets and budgeting tools help you to keep track of your project’s profitability and financial bounds.

Painless Timesheets

10,000ft pre-populates timesheets to suggest the time each team member should spend on a project, based on the plan and budget. It is an incentive to work according to the plan and it increases compliance with time entry.

Budget and Expense Tracking

With 10,000ft you are in control of your project budget. You can easily set up a fee, time or expenses budget, create budgeting categories and track costs towards those categories.
When you do not know your budget ahead of time, 10,000ft creates an estimate by building a work plan with team members’ assignments and giving you the cost for the plan in time or currency.

Time Tracking on a Phone

Use your phone to login into your 10,000ft account and all your projects’ time entry information will be pushed right to your phone. If you end up working according to the plan, simply confirm the day and the time, and you are done. If you have worked on a different project, or need to modify your suggested hours, you can quickly edit that information, with one-tap time entry for each 15 minutes worked. Learn More.
No matter how big your project workload, get the right information at the right time and make better business decisions, in real time.

Analytics & Reports

10,000ft gives you the power to access real-time information about all your projects and team members. With highly visual analytics, making good business decisions couldn’t be easier.
Get the big picture of your company by using the reports to measure how well projects were completed and how you can improve next time.

Instant Business Analytics

See the progress across a set of projects, get an overview of all active projects, check who is under or over allocated, and quickly access frequently used reports.

Highly Visual Reports

No need to wait for finance to run reports or program Excel formulas. You can create complex reports by filtering and customizing data with just a few clicks.
Keep your finger on the pulse of your business. Stay up to date with your project’s budget and manage your profitability in real time.

Interactive Knowledge Base

Dynamic organizations need flexible tools that make it easy to learn from old projects’ best practices. Store and find information from all past projects and use past data to improve you current projects’ planning.

Searchable Portfolio

A visual knowledge base provides a searchable portfolio of project plans to help you learn from past experiences. Quickly see a history for a client or find out who worked on what project.
It takes more than a great budget and an excellent team to succeed.
You also need the right tool.
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